and  meeting rooms
in Rome


dotcampus offers you a room for every need. Whether it is a meeting location in Rome or a venue for a larger event, our hotel’ spaces can be tailored to create a unique experience. The watchword is always connection: connecting projects and people.

Event rooms for doing, meeting, celebrating

Spaces created for connection

In our hotel in Rome with meeting rooms, you can hold corporate and private events, conferences, educational gatherings, and parties, resting assured that you have everything you need: space, privacy, high-performance technology, and wonderful natural light. All within the framework of a design that makes functionality an additional strength. We offer locations and services. All that’s left for you to do is plan your next meeting in the heart of Rome.

Multipurpose room

Here you can find the space to work with proper privacy.

  • Office work

  • Meetings

  • Brainstorming

  • Networking

Meeting room

16 square meters for up to 8 people: the perfect size for working in small groups.

  • Training courses

  • Videoconferencing

  • Teamwork

Media room

50 square meters for up to 25 people, equipped with video wall (110 inches) and Hikvision Prosmart 360-degree camera.

  • Conferences and video conferencing

  • Streaming or mixed events

  • Training courses

Event room with tiers

80 square meters designed to accommodate a maximum of 40 people, with an 89-inch interactive screen.

  • Conferences and video conferencing

  • Streaming or mixed events

  • Training courses

Catering service on request

Breakfast, brunch, lunch: everything you and your team need to work better in the spaces available to you. dotcampus is much more than just a location for corporate meetings and private events in Rome.

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